My Prayer Wall

During Christmas this past year, we traveled out west to another city roughly 14 hours away by train (with a 13month old, we took no chances and flew). Our friends were extremely hospitable, sharing their home and lives with us! Ellenora had someone to play with every day as their daughter is just 9 months older than her, and we had wonderful much needed fellowship with them.

While touring their home our first night there, I noticed that their kitchen is lined with sharpie writings! All of their regularly used family favorite recipes are written on their tile walls. I wish I had snapped a photo just to post on this blog but the idea never crossed my mind. After coming home and thinking about the New Year, I could not get that image out of my head. One thing I want to commit myself to this year is working on my prayer life. Seeing all of their recipes gave me a great idea – why not use the tile space in my kitchen to write down the names of people  that I want to be praying for this year. I already spend a ton of time in the kitchen making meals and washing dishes that this would be a great way to remind myself every time I cook & clean to pray.

I used to think that my prayer life was this boring period of my day where I stop everything that I am doing, sit down with my bible, a notebook, and a pen and wait to see what comes to me. While I love to journal, this was not fun and most days boring. I could never get engaged in it fully and now having a toddler in the house, having even 2 minutes to sit down on the toilet is asking for a lot. I know that having a consistent prayer life is important for my own personal walk with the Lord. It is also vital for me as a wife & mother to have a consistent prayer life. I need, and they both need me to have, a strong prayer life so I can quickly call upon the Lord and intercede on their behalf. Prayer is also a vital part of our livelihood living abroad. Without a strong and favorable prayer life, I will never be an effective vessel or tool for His Kingdom and I will miss out on all that He has planned for my family.

In light of my strong conviction this season to develop a deeper prayer life with the Father, I wanted to dive into what His Word has to say about the life of a praying wife & mother.


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