Raising a TCK {part 1}


What is a TCK?

TCK or Third Culture Kid, is a term to describe children who were raised during their prime developmental years in a culture different from that of their parents.

I won’t pretend to know anything on the subject as I am brand new to this type of parenting. Unlike many of our friends children and even our most recent niece who was born a few months after Ellenora, she will and has already experienced life as a TCK. Neither my husband Joel or I grew up outside of the USA, so for Ellenora she will be the first in our family to experience growing up in a culture completely not her own. I kind of have a feeling however that to Ellenora it will be her culture since it will be all that she has/will ever know(n).

How much preparation and thought needs to go into raising a TCK? I have absolutely no idea. This is new territory for me and I think a few books on the subject might be in order to help me better prepare as her mommy how to help her grow up in a culture that is not mine. Maybe no books are needed and simply being a part of the large population is all she and I will need to learn the ins and outs of life as a TCK.

Are you raising a TCK? Do you have any advice to share with me? Any suggestions on books to read? Experiences to share? Please leave me a comment and lets start the conversation! I need your help.



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